“I can haz freebie cats?”

Herding cats. Difficult in the real world, and even more difficult when you’re chasing the free 3D felines. So here’s my short time-saving guide.

White Tiger has the best, a nice iClone freebie small cat (sitting only). It’s low-poly and is done as an iProp with eight animations.

If you’re green-screening animated cats using Poser video, there are also some useful freebies for the retail DAZ Millenium Cat — such as running cat animations and walking cat animations.

And if you’re looking to bone a cat in 3DS Max, there’s a free domestic cat model (unboned) here. This 3DS model mesh, although it looks bad in the preview picture, is actually rather nice and is royalty-free for non-commercial use, because it was created by the French public-funded GAMMA project. GAMMA’s huge Animals directory is here — it’d be great to see the best of these 1,400 free royalty-free low-poly animals all converted for iClone! That’s right, they have 1,400+ free 3D animals, many made from scans!

You could also combine these parts to build some great (if un-boned and un-animated) sci-fi monsters or weird organic structures for an alien planet. Take a look at the base section of the lobster and around 400 insects, for instance. Their use of “$$” doesn’t mean some models are behind a paywall, but take care if you’re planning to use these animals as props in a film you may one day be paid something for. The GAMMA animals are royalty-free only for use in non-commercial projects.

And also for Max users who want to make their own basic cat, there’s a entry-level tutorial on how to model a cartoonish cat shape from a simple box in 15 relatively easy steps.

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