Building the ultimate PC workstation for machinima

Richard Grove now has all parts (1-7, 12,000 words!) online of his epic account of building a PC workstation for iClone and virtual filmmaking

“the new workstation is built around Cinema 4D and Mach Studio Pro, but I’ll also be loading in Moviestorm, iClone 4, Blender, Steam and the entire HL2 saga + tools, Dragon Age and its toolset, plus the Torque Engine and Second Life

If I did this entire build from scratch, I estimate it would be about $1400.

Mmm, and loads of great hardware pron pics for us PC-heads to drool over…

Fwoar! Look at the size of those heat-sinks!


Free animated bird for iClone

Cool. I just found that White Tiger has more free props than just the animated cat. The image-map on his sidebar menu doesn’t line up properly, so it’s easy to assume the link to “Next” doesn’t work. I found he also has a nice set of medieval furniture & glassware, and an animated bird (the bird is an iProp and needs to go in ../Props, not in ../Characters).