NASA low-poly models

I seen to remember reading somewhere that there is to be a forthcoming iClone sci-fi competition, so readers may be interested in NASA’s small selection of free low-poly 3D space models, many of which have only just been added over Christmas. NASA requires a credit, but usage otherwise seems a little fuzzy: NASA says it does not claim copyright, but that use for “educational or informational purposes” is OK. So they might get annoyed if you’re going to have aliens blow up the Apollo lunar lander, or suchlike.

Don’t forget that NASA is awash with 2D background photos taken from NASA spacecraft, which could also come in very handy for a sci-fi iClone epic.

Free Creative Commons ladybird model, posable

French 3D modeller Oyonale has a small range of 3D model items which may interest iClone gardeners looking for royalty-free content. Including a ladybird, an elegant garden water-pitcher, and a classic old-style watering can. All the models are ‘attribution’ Creative Commons licenced.

His ladybird .obj version has 50,000 faces, and there’s no texture with it — but as there’s currently no ladybird/ladybug worth having on 3D Warehouse, his model seems worth pointing out. And his Cinema 4D version of the ladybird apparently has “posable legs”, so could theoretically be boned and converted to an animated prop in iClone?

DAZ Farmer’s Cart freebie (.obj to iClone)

The Farmer’s Wagon Cart, an open-access freebie model from DAZ. The DAZ .obj file is found in the Runtime/Geometries folder, and converts easily via 3DXchange to a low-poly iClone prop (just 622 faces). The texture can be found in Runtime/Textures. The texture will then need a grungy bump-map added to it (as I’ve applied here in iClone), to try to roughen up the surface a little.

“Needed for the harvest”. Click the picture to see a full-size version.