How to have props do a constant 360-degree spin in iClone?

Panthar has just posted a useful video-clip on YouTube, giving some basic hints on how to have an object continually spin on a 360-degree rotation in iClone, apparently just by using three keyframes per 360 frames…

“This has been available for a long time, but the current iClone 4 documentation failed to include it. This [tip] is from iClone 2, but still applies today. Hope this helps someone who needs the ability to keep an item spinning on command.”

Click the image to view his video.

There was once the possibility of using a helper_rolling object (apparently introduced in v2.5), to have wheels automatically rotate. But then when version 3 came out that helper apparently no longer worked. There’s an old iClone 3 video-tutorial available on the subject — but that makes the new process of getting four wheels rolling seem incredibly convoluted and time-consuming.

For version 4 the marketing materials said…

“Added: Allow set pivot for any object to create rolling wheels”

…but I can see nothing in the manual that shows how to do this to get a constantly-rolling wheel or propeller, nor can I find anything more on this via a Google search.

The version 4 marketing material also talks of the inclusion of…

“Basic iMovement Helper types: vehicles, car, helicopter, plane, human, or other basic animations, rotation.”

…but the v.4 manual has no mention of “iMovement”. And I can’t see any such helpers in the Animation or Props palettes.

And while there are ‘wheel helpers’ for version 4, they’re buried deep in “an add-on pack for an add-on pack”, namely the iCar Body Shop’s ‘Mechanic Tool Kit’ — and the process there seems almost as convoluted and time-consuming as it was in iClone 3.

SmallWStudio is also finding wheel rotation a pain, and has resorted to keyframes…

All the average user wants is a simple drag-and-drop rotator. I have a prop, I drag a helper onto it, and the prop automatically spins a complete 360 degrees in x number of frames. End of story.

But while we’re waiting for that, it seems Panthar’s simple solution (although certainly it needs some further explanation) may be the most useful one for now? Anyone know different? And can anyone explain more fully exactly how his and/or SmallWStudio’s keyframe solution can be made to work, step-by-step?

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