Animation Tips and Tricks

Plenty of people around the world live far from a good art library, have slow or tightly-capped net connections, and can’t afford to take pot-luck buying many paper books. It’s true there are some good old ebooks online via and the Animation Archive, but such public-domain ebooks are about old-school traditional animation. So it’s good to see a recent free ebook from an outstanding digital animator. Shawn Kelly (award-winning Transformers animator) has written a 100-page book called Animation Tips and Tricks (PDF link, 12Mb) — and he’s giving it away for free.

Contents page:

“Blinks have meaning”. “Forget about the legs”. See, you learned something just by reading the contents page.

It may lack the layout and typesetting polish that a mainstream publisher would have brought to it, but the advice and tips are a top-quality masterclass.

Citizen Extra characters for free

Six low-poly urban people props — from the retail Citizen Extras add-on pack — freely (and apparently officially) available from Reallusion, on Google 3D Warehouse. They’re full 3D, not 2D billboards. Poly count is “less than 4,000” per character. Unlike the same character models in the retail pack, you can’t apply iClone character animations or easily attach accessories.

Very useful background props for all 3D filmmakers telling a story in an urban setting, I’d imagine — even if they can’t be animated — since all Reallusion add-ons are royalty-free. Along with them are some useful road ground-layers, white picket-fences, and suburban box-hedges.