Free city-generator for Blender – also auto-generates textures

A New York style mega-city. Normally building such a city takes a century of invention, hard work, and the profits from that hard work. But the free SCE plugin can generate one in seconds. SCE is a Python script add-on for the free open-source 3D suite Blender, and seems worth a try if you need a royalty-free 3D city for your character to fly toward/through — the screenshots + GUI shots are here.

You can adjust the size and complexity of your city, and SCE also automatically textures the buildings. It can even auto-generate “lit-up at night” textures. Nice. With a good 2D backdrop to suggest a coastal city, and a dash of water and ground-fog to cover some of the less-believable lower reaches, an SCE megapolis could look very nice as part of an establishing shot.

But don’t forget that DAZ’s sci-fi Dystopia City Blocks pack is also free now. So some of the more rounded Dystopia buildings could probably be sprinkled around an SCE city to add variety.


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