“Nice doggie… sit! roll! er… super-bark?”

Free quadruped motion-capture files seem to be a bit of a rarity. But the non-profit Motion Capture Club’s free dog motion-capture files are, amazingly, available in iClone format. The Trailers’ Park has kindly converted the files to .iMotion, although they’re also available as normal .bvh files in case you need a custom import to iClone. Keep in mind that these appear to be royalty-free only for non-profit use — you can’t make a commercial dogimation in iClone using these files.

The Trailers’ Park also has the free Carnegie Mellon motions, this time in .vns iClone format. Over 2,500 human motions are grouped in the following categories….

The Carnegie Mellon video-preview catalog is online here, and the files are apparently free for any use — there’s no Creative Commons licence restricting you to non-profit use. The Poser conversion of the same animations apparently have occasional problems such as lifting the character off the ground, jitter, and skewed hands and feet — that might just be a “Poser thing” (it loves to mangle things on import), but perhaps expect to find similar errors in some of the iClone conversions.