AniBoom competition 2010

AniBoom are running an open competition to create new characters for Sesame Street.

* animations only

* audience is pre-school kids (so even if “Mr. Poo Poo Head” is hilarious to both you and them, keep it clean — mommy won’t be amused)

* original characters and content only

* submissions will only be accepted from 1st March to 26th April 2010.

* Finalists will each be awarded U.S. $5,000, with the Grand Prize Winner receiving an extra $5k and “development deals”.

There’s no mention of it being U.S.-only, or any age limit, so presumably anyone anywhere can send in an animation.

Oliver Postgate: A Life in Small Films

Now seemingly accessible to those outside the UK… an hour-long documentary on one of the great British animators of the 20th century: Oliver Postgate: A Life in Small Films. Postgate worked, often quite literally, “on a shoestring” — but managed to produce some of animation’s most alluring worlds and charming characters (Noggin the Nog, Ivor the Engine, The Clangers, etc).

If you’re in the USA and can’t access because of the BBC iPlayer’s stupid UK-only restrictions, it’s also widely available elsewhere.