CB Model Pro

A while ago I posted about an old low-poly modelling application called Organica. If you were interested in that, then you may be interested in a similar and more up-to-date application called CB Model Pro. It’s a free intuitive “clay like” modeller, and like Organica has everything in plain sight in one window. It’s a beta, and it requires a free registration to remove the 15-day time limit — and then it seems you can keep the fully-functional version forever. Registration keys are still being sent out by auto-responder, but the creators wrote in Sept 2009…

“it’s become plain that it will probably never see the light of day as a full product”

So grab it while you can.

It seems a fine little modelling application, one which includes all sorts of intuitive tools. It also has multiple undos and a paint function. You can continue to model after you paint, and the paint flexes with the model. CB Model exports .obj files, which 3DXchange can import. Mesh-size can be set to low / med / high.

An excellent set of video tutorials here, and there are also some (such as this one) on YouTube…


Sci-fi buildings

Two free building models here, which seem suitable for the background of a near-future sci-fi iClone story. They’re Creative Commons licensed for any type of use, including commercial. They’re low poly, and have good basic textures included which could be further touched up in Photoshop.

Click image for larger version.