“can haz Blender model flood?”

The folks over at BlendSwap have been having a major drive to get more models on the site. They’re all free, and Blender is (of course) also free. The last few days have seen a major flood of models on the site and, although most are unlikely to be low-poly, they’re of excellent quality. For instance, a cute kitten (46,000 polys)…

“Fully rigged and shape-keyed ginger kitten I made for a walk-on part in a film I’m working on. I wanted to share it with all those who consider it their life’s purpose to fill the internet with many and varied LOL catz images.”

The BlendSwap site is currently very rich in authentic items and sets associated with nomadic / shamanic peoples, and also a good range of broken windows and candles, plus a falling-snow video effect — I’d suspect that some of the Sintel models are already making their way onto this site?