Strongly discounted iClone 4 pre-ordering on Amazon UK

Just listed on Amazon UK today — iClone 4…

   * iClone 4.0 Standard — £56.99 + free shipping.

   * iClone 4.0 Pro — £125.99 + free shipping.

No mention of 3DXchange being included in the price, though. On Amazon U.S. the only boxed packages available there are…

   * “iClone4 Standard + 3DXchange 2” which sells for $100 (£65). Plus shipping to the UK.

   * “iClone4 Pro + 3DXchange 2” which sells for $250 (£162). Plus shipping to the UK.

If you go direct to Reallusion for just the Pro download (i.e.: without 3DXchange) then it costs $199 (£129).

So, the discounted Amazon UK boxed version of Pro looks a rather good deal — even if for some reason it doesn’t include 3DXchange (which is soon coming out in a new version 4.0 anyway). Having the boxed version, of course, means you can eBay it in a few years’ time when iClone 5.0 appears — and thus eventually get some of the cost back.

Those in the UK considering 4.0 should pre-order now, before Amazon change their mind on the pricing! If it turns out to be a version of Pro that includes 3DXchange, then it’s a bargain. Even if it isn’t then you’ve saved £5 and the cost of shipping from the U.S., which you can put towards the cost of 3DXchange 3.0.  UK release date: 26th March 2010, although Amazon often ship a little sooner than exact release dates on things like games.