News services wake up to anymation

The Associated Press wire service is telling the world about the new wave of computer-based anymation…

“[…] online videos popping up with visual effects that just a generation ago would have been possible only for big Hollywood studios, with big budgets and armies of computer animators. Today the falling cost of computing power and cameras, along with the free distribution possible over the Internet, are giving everyday people more chances to follow their creative instincts.”

Not an especially good article but, given the wide range of places where AP stories end up, it’s encouraging to think it could eventually spark the interest of some kid reading the local newspaper in No Hope City, Venezuela.

Meanwhile, The Guardian muses on the emergence of animated recreations of unseen news events

“We have found some of the most interesting examples of the genre. Is animated news blurring the border between fact and fiction? Or are levels of media literacy advanced enough to recognise that the animations are not intended to be taken all that seriously?”

Above: the British Prime Minister, who is mired in allegations about his bullying of staff.

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