BVH to dolls?

An amazing Taiwanese combo of doll puppetry and video motionography…

   [ Hat-tip: PuppetVision ]

You may want to skip straight to 1:00, since the first minute is mostly logos and intro. Why do people do that? It’s a mimicking of antiquated TV habits, I guess. But 80% of your audience is gone before the film even starts.

Since the doll and the puppet traditionally play such a huge role in Taiwanese culture, I assume the dolls seen here are real rather than virtual? They’re not being animated with stop-motion, because of the breeze/wind effects you can see. I wondered if they’d built dolls controlled by servo-motors and wires, so that a BVH motion capture file can animate them “in real life”? But thinking more about it — the characters are probably being operated from below by highly skilled puppeteers?

Say aah! for the nursebot.

For a while I assumed that Blender’s first open-source movie The Elephant’s Dream (2005) must have been about… well, elephants. How wrong I was. No elephants — instead it actually has some cool but rather complicated robots and some nice models of technology. Which I’ve taken the most viable bits of, and those which 3DXchange deigned to convert, and turned them into a completely new sci-fi scene with a newly-devised robot. It’s an iClone stasis chamber for deep-space travel, attended by a nurse bot and surrounded by a generic sci-fi circular space that could also serve as a starship bridge. Feel free to add self-illuminated glowing lights in the spaces for them that are set around the walls, if you have the patience. You may also feel that the nursebot needs some arms, and that the stasis chamber needs a control panel or two or perhaps a big number on the side. The scene is 190,000 faces, with two camera views. No textures, but I used the scene to learn how a combination of lighting and ambient/diffuse colors on props can serve instead of textures. Download here for a limited time.

They’re not in this scene, but if you need mad sci-fi tangles of wires then the Elephant’s Dream models archive is the place to get them.