BVH to dolls?

An amazing Taiwanese combo of doll puppetry and video motionography…

   [ Hat-tip: PuppetVision ]

You may want to skip straight to 1:00, since the first minute is mostly logos and intro. Why do people do that? It’s a mimicking of antiquated TV habits, I guess. But 80% of your audience is gone before the film even starts.

Since the doll and the puppet traditionally play such a huge role in Taiwanese culture, I assume the dolls seen here are real rather than virtual? They’re not being animated with stop-motion, because of the breeze/wind effects you can see. I wondered if they’d built dolls controlled by servo-motors and wires, so that a BVH motion capture file can animate them “in real life”? But thinking more about it — the characters are probably being operated from below by highly skilled puppeteers?