A wash-day adventure

Lovely mix of live-action, stage-set and animation in this 2009 UK Surf washing-powder ad…

   [ Hat-tip: PuppetVision blog ]

16 of the best silhouette film animations on YouTube are collected here. With such films in iClone, there are a number of advantages. You can fairly easily hide the feet. There’s no complex chain of facial expressions / eye-movements to worry about. Textures and lighting matter far less. There’s more scope for the audience’s imagination to contribute. Both the “uncanny valley” effect and the “it looks like a videogame” effect are avoided. Which is why I’m making my first learning-the-software iClone film in this style.

Ghost Writer iProp

Panthar has a new Ghost Writer iProp (£3) for iClone. Looks useful for those doing historical / ghost-story projects. It might also serve as an unusual form of end-credits (if in HD).

Can the words be made glow-in-the-dark via self-illumination, I wonder? So we can lower the light to spooky night-time / candle-light levels, and then get this sort of ‘glowing letters’ effect…

Go skinny-dipping with Morgan

An excellent technical demo has just been posted on YouTube by Morgans’ Artworks…

Definitely one for those who need to see what iClone can do in terms of water / reflections / ripples / translucency. Some nice use of billboard video-clips too — an awesome skinny-dipping splash-dive at 2:56!