Working music-playing grand piano for iClone.

Panthar has launched a new fully working grand piano (£5.50) in iClone…

“The keys are labelled in the Content Manager with standard conventional notation, so they can easily be animated in the correct timing for the music piece. Once you set it, save it… then when you decide to use that song again, the keys will already be set for re-use. Extremely Low-Poly. Some keys are pre-animated as you see in this demo. […] You place the animation of the individual keys on the iClone time line, where you want them to be active.”

The iClone hippy in the video looks rather bemused (“like, iz this music MAN!?”) so a better character to have as a player might be iClone Universe’s free Elton John character. This + the piano + a singing voiceover = opportunities for a few Elton parodies…


iClone 4 reviews

I see that iClone 4 Standard is still languishing on Amazon U.S. without a single review or even a buyer rating, four months after first appearing there. Now of course these days there’s a lot you can’t buy on Amazon and which gets sold directly, but such a state of affairs can’t be very encouraging for potential buyers. Time for the fans to write a few reviews, perhaps?