Get a stash of free rigged characters, ready for 3DXchange 4.0

This is a quick survey of free rigged characters, for testing when 3DXchange 4.0 is released. 3DXchange 4.0 is (apparently) going to make it easy to import ready-rigged characters from other major modelling applications, and quickly(?) have them walking around in iClone. Of course the non-bipeds may present difficulties of conversion, and some may be high-poly, but the characters below give a nice taster of the sort of things we may soon have free access to in iClone. Almost everything that seems worth having, and is free, is made in Maya…


Ludwig: a basic cartoon man.




Rig Set 3 (stylised ninja).


The Librarian. Update: 98,000 polys and a complete mess on FBX import.

Maya (robots):



lowRobo (low poly — but a very old rig, may not convert properly).

Rig Set 1 (beetlebots).

Rig Set 2 (for the steampunk scorpion).

Maya (creatures):

Dinosaur (could work with biped skeleton? or maybe the dragon?).

Pug Dog.


3 thoughts on “Get a stash of free rigged characters, ready for 3DXchange 4.0

  1. It would be great to think that we could get just a few of these working in iClone at less than 70,000 faces. The Librarian, Alfred, and Andy would together make a fine ensemble three-hander cast for a story. But delve into the .zip file and you’ll find the base Librarian rig is 25Mb, so I fear it may be high-poly. We may find that low-poly free 3DS Max characters (most of whom really don’t look as good as those we currently have in iClone, frankly) are a far more realistic conversion option… but I hope not.

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