Game Play festival, NY

Got an idea for an innovative iClone/videogame/theatre crossover? The Brick Theater, Inc. in New York is calling for entries in their Game Play festival (7th – 25th July 2010). Application deadline: 1st April 2010. Selected works/ideas/proposals will be staged, offering a unique opportunity for creatives to…

“explore the collision of technology, theater, performance art, and video game culture by staging the collaborative work of performance and media artists”

Last year’s festival saw three pieces selected for stage performance…

“Technicians use several XBox 360 consoles and laptops linked to each other and to gamers over the internet to control digital characters in real-time in front of an audience.”

“Told via provided Zune Media Players, the story unfolds as audience members (six at a time) are guided through their roles with both aural and visual cues. Video flashbacks and narrative voice-overs fill in your back-story while maps of locations and your dialogue are displayed on screen.”

“Evoking the Golden Age of home computer gaming, Adventure Quest is both a nostalgic treat and a glimpse into the yawning void” [of plot destruction via ‘wrong’ gameplay].

Cover image from the free ebook Live Movies : A Field Guide to New Media for the Performing Arts (PDF, 12Mb. 2006).