New version of Poser released

I hadn’t realised that there’s a new version of Poser out, Poser Pro 2010, which apparently shipped on 9th March 2010. It’s $500 on a “sold-out” Amazon, but currently $250 direct from the makers, with upgrades at $200.

Poser has had several owners and a consequently chequered history, so I’m always a little wary of assuming the latest upgrade will be the best version to use. I can’t immediately see any must-have features, other than an enhanced user interface and library manager. Oooh, but what’s this…

“Photoshop PSD layer rendering”

This seems to mean, according to the forums…

“There are some options in the Render Settings dialog that allow you to render different properties, and output them into a layered PSD file.” “I open the exported [PSD] file with a blank background in Photoshop, the file has a layer mask attached that masks out all the blank areas, thus creating the transparency.”

Sound like it might be a useful feature for creating billboard cut-outs for iClone, when you only want a few static elements from an otherwise complex Poser scene (as opposed to a simple model + greenscreen background).