Free Steam Owl for iClone

An iClone 4.0 project file containing an assembled and parented Steam Owl (5Mb, .7z zip file). 68,000 polys total. Free for non-commercial use. I’ve also included the separate .vns parts.

It was a pain to convert from the very strange .3ds file (a flat-as-a-pancake model!), but I managed it by running it through several other weighty applications first. I’ve set up the owl as a parented set of individual .vns props — so if you’re clever enough to attach pivot points (I’m not, yet) then wings can flap/fold back, the eyes can have a slight “spinning plate” movement to add life, the legs can walk, the talons can tilt, the propeller can spin and so on). Feel free to fix it up, combine, add animations, and save as a full-blown free giveaway character. Original textures are included if you also want to work on the texturing.

The right-hand wing is meant to be like that (flipped), I think — I imagine the idea is that the audience sympathises because he was “made wrong” and hence needs the propeller to get around. The original model also has a glass “steam/rocket exhaust” tube at the back, which you could easily add with an iClone primitive.

Original model by Mille (Carl-Mikael Lagnecrantz – Sweden), free and licensed for free non-commercial use. Background Creative Commons image is of the library at the University of Cambridge, by Ben Gallagher.


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