Sketch filters with iClone

My recent iClone pagoda picture (100% iClone, all 3D models), experimentally run through a chain of sketch filters…



If iClone ever adds a sketch or cel-shaded render, I think it has to act differently at different z-depths, in a similar way to how the camera’s depth-of-field blur currently works in iClone 4. So you would choose to apply different filter effects at different strengths to different sections (background, foreground, middle-ground), and might even be able to omit certain 3D objects (such as characters) from the filtering process. You would then be able to render the video output twice — each time with a slightly different style and strength — and then experimental blend/opacity-overlay two videos together in video-editing software, for further painterly effects.

The Tiny Art Director

A new blog-to-book, Tiny Art Director: a toddler and her vision by Bill Zeman. He’s spent three years drawing girl-eating dinosaurs and dinosaur-eating ducks at the behest of daughter Rosie, and being subject to her withering criticisms.

I know some people have done this sort of thing occasionally with iClone. Are we witnessing the emergence of a new type of children’s art, “mediated child art”? Although, of course, that’s what Alice in Wonderland started out as — so I guess what’s new is the ease of making it with the new digital tools. Feel free to post in the comments, linking to iClone examples of this sort of creative directorial process at work with pre-school kids.