Maya/Blender/DAZ rigged characters to iClone – video tutorials

A new batch of official iClone 4 tutorials arrived today, showing how to import free rigged biped character models — using the shiny new 3DXchange v4.0 Pro. The free Blender, the free DAZ Studio, and the rather more expensive Maya are all covered. No coverage of 3D Studio Max, yet. Being able to export your character as an .fbx file from each application is a given, it seems…

* How to import a rigged Maya character. Including face animation, it seems.

* How to import a rigged Blender character.

* How to import DAZ human figures (you’ll need the $100 DAZ .fbx export module).

So we should in time see Victoria 4 (albeit at a hefty 133,000 faces), and all her free DAZ/Poser friends in iClone! With animations. Yay! This screenshot shows Victoria 4 inside iClone…

I’m not sure if someone who’s converted a free DAZ figure will then be able to give away those figures to other iClone users. I guess not, since although they’re free they’re not Creative Commons. Maybe DAZ will be kind enough to add a couple of iClone-converted freebies on the free figures page, as a heads-up for their .fbx converter? But before you go dashing off to buy the converter, keep in mind that DAZ’s Carrara 6 Pro (recently given away free as a PC version with 3D World magazine) can load Poser and DAZ character files, and has a .fbx export as standard. It doesn’t export the animations, though. Although that may not matter — if you intend to add animations in iClone?

It looks as though DAZ characters might have at least a basic capability for facial animation in iClone…

There’s also a new set of seven starter tutorials on using 3DXchange 4.0…

Basic Lesson 1 – Import a Model.

Basic Lesson 2 – Custom Alignment.

Basic Lesson 3 – Resize & Scale with Dummy.

Basic Lesson 4 – Reset Scale & Transform.

Basic Lesson 5 – Single or Multiple Mesh Select. (New feature)

Basic Lesson 6 – Rename and Exclude to Downsize. (New feature)

Basic Lesson 7 – Export Selected Model.

And a set of four new advanced “getting the model prepared for animation” tutorials…

Animation-ready Lesson 1 – Reduce Face Count. (Auto-removal of Sketchup back-faces)

Animation-ready Lesson 2 – Make Sub Group. (Logical re-naming and grouping of parts)

Animation-ready Lesson 3 – Edge Smooth. (Select certain edges to smooth — presumably for less jaggies at render-time?)

Animation-ready Lesson 4 – Pivot & Animation. (Set correct pivot-points for part-groups! /MyClone jumps out of chair and punches air/)

Superb work!


4 thoughts on “Maya/Blender/DAZ rigged characters to iClone – video tutorials

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the free version of Carrara! The March issue of 3D Artist (in the US) contains both the PC and Mac versions of 6.2 which does indeed export .fbx files.

  2. Let the readers know how you get on with Carrara, as I’m thinking it could be a useful cheaper alternative to Maya for those who want to create new .fbx characters? But I guess we’d need someone to first rustle up a viable Carrara human-base template, though.

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