Independent Exposure

Microcinema’s 14th Independent Exposure competition ends submissions on 30th April 2010. Accepting…

“all sorts of genres and media types, animation in particular” […] “less than fifteen minutes in length” […] “The collection of short film finalists is exhibited in art galleries, concert events, museums, and several other seasonal events.” […] $5 entry fee.”


CG animation software survey

An interesting snapshot of the megafauna of the CG animation software world, in the CG Animation Survey 2009. 2010 has just closed, and results should be available shortly. There are some applications here that I’ve never even heard of — XSI, Modo, Houdini? Cinema 4D I only know because it used to be given away free with laughable regularity on magazine cover-disks in the early 2000s. The semi-pro applications such as Carrara, Poser, Vue, iClone etc are all presumably crammed into the “Other, 6%” slice…

I’m thinking we need an “at a glance” infographic map of 2D and 3D animation applications, such as this one for web companies

iClone 4 now available from Amazon UK

An obscure and misty island drifting somewhere off the coast of Europe gets iClone today. Yes, today’s the British release day for Amazon boxed versions of iClone 4 Standard (£57), iClone 4 Pro (£126), and the iClone 4 Pro + CrazyTalk 6 Pro Power Bundle IV (£140). Brits could previously have imported from the USA, but the prices are actually much better this way (especially considering the dire exchange-rate, possible UK Customs tax surcharges, and the fact that Reallusion’s ecommerce vendor always changes UK VAT as extra) — and buyers also benefit from Amazon UK’s free shipping.