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  1. 1. I like crows a lot, even though they mess on my pickup.
    2. This is a very nice model even if you don’t have a special interest in crows.
    3. I could use this in my film.
    4. If we caw loudly enough, maybe one of the 3D Gods will import and rig this for us?

  2. Caw! Caw! 🙂

    I’m thinking the community needs someone to set themselves up as a proper commercial PayPal-powered “cab for hire” custom character-maker and rigger. I did offer $45 for the first person to get the free Blender kitten working as a free iClone character, but there were no takers…

  3. Interesting idea, kind of like a traveling tinker in reverse — a captive tinker?

    Hard to imagine that amount of work would be worth what amounts to a stipend. I suppose if the creator could retain future commercial rights it might be more attractive. Then, the contributors would receive free copies of the work.

    Too new to the game to volunteer, but I’d certainly contemplate contributing…

  4. If we had a “pledge fund”, where everyone who wanted the model made/converted pledged what they wanted to pay, then it could eventually add up to an amount that would make it worth someone’s while to undertake the work.

    The Point has an attractive mechanism for doing something like that, e.g.:


    Doubtless there are other free services that will hold PayPal pledges in escrow, and only release the funds on successful completion of the project.

    • Using The Point for this purpose would certainly be a novel way of going about it. Details aside, this would be an interesting experiment…

      Thanks for keeping the wheels turning in our heads,


      • If Mitch wants to set up a “Free the Raven” page at The Point (I think he has the recognition-factor in the iClone community for it), I’d certainly make a pledge.

        I looked into using PayPal for it, and found that users have to be careful – PayPal will suspend an account if someone is collecting money for a future purpose (rather than just inviting donations for running costs), no matter how worthy. I guess you can understand that, since they have to guard against con-artists.

        I’d say we might need to aim to raise enough to pay someone £15 an hour for 24 hours to do it? That seems fair and would come in at around $500, on the basis that it’s then given away free to the community.

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