Free comicbook fonts

Those intending to make comic books using iClone renders and Comic Life (or Adobe Illustrator, if you fancy wrestling with an unintuitive application that’ll take years to learn), may like to look at the wonderful range of free comicbook fonts over at Blambot. Blambot seems to have blossomed, since I last looked at it. It’s now become a viable free alternative to the expensive Comicraft fonts range.

Also useful for those needing good-looking animation-friendly fonts for a movie’s opening titles (definitely something that iClone movie-makers need to pay more attention to, I’d suggest). Check out Blambot’s “Design Fonts” section.

Oddly, Blambot doesn’t appear to have any speech-balloon fonts? The Comic Life software has its own limited selection. But, for those exporting panelled Comic Life pages to do the bulk of the small lettering in Photoshop, I suggest the free fonts Komika Bubbles (komikabb.ttf) and Talk (talk.ttf). Just paste them into C:\Windows\Fonts