DAZ is now DAZ 3D-Gizmoz. Yes, DAZ merged recently with another company — which anyone who’s followed sister-software Poser‘s convoluted ownership history will know is probably a bad sign for the software. The new combo company has just launched a consumer-friendly 3D avatar-creation website called Gizmoz DigiMi (beta).

It seems to be very much in the same mould as the recently-launched iClone-Evolver partnership and website. It looks like it’s aiming at users of 3D social worlds, and may also possibly be of use to indie game developers. Although at present there are very few real technical details on DigiMi, even on the developer pages. And no forum-chatter that Google has yet picked up. It seems a fair guess that the avatars will load into the free DAZ Studio (which now seems to be also going by the name of “Super Avatar Studio”?), and (I’m guessing here) possibly also into DAZ Carrara? If they do load into Carrara Pro, then the characters presumably become .fbx exportable without needing the $99 DAZ Studio .fbx plugin. Or users may just get an .fbx download as the end-product of the website itself. However, it does seems that a “developer licence” is needed for distribution of characters made with DigiMi, so it seems unlikely we’ll be able to pump them through 3DXchange and then give them away to fellow iClone users.

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  1. Wait, shouldn’t this post be dated April 1…?

    If not, this is a sad sign for DAZ.

    And I’ve just recently become enamored of their content — and its potential for conversion.

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