Free 3D dance-ware from Japan

Not that I want to unleash even more 3D dance videos on the world, but… I discovered recently that the Japanese have a complete real-time cel-shaded animation program. It’s devoted purely to producing anime-style dance videos. It’s free, and seems to be iClone’s “Jam Band” pack on steroids and with better cloth and hair physics. What’s interesting is that MikuMikuDance makes it seem easy to do good-looking real-time cel shading, which holds out hope that such a feature could be in iClone 5.

There’s an English version and English tutorials. A Japanese-language ‘PMD Editor’ model editor. And plenty of MikuMikuDance users videos on YouTube.

Fans are currently beavering away on SourceForge to convert MikuMikuDance to the XNA platform (Microsoft’s game-making format). Which presumably means that the characters might be coming to a format where they could be converted to .fbx files and thus be available in iClone? At present MikuMikuDance uses the .pmd format, which even the listing for PolyTrans doesn’t include.

Talking of Japanese free cel-shading software, there’s also the as-yet untranslated CelsView which seems to be Mac-only.

One thought on “Free 3D dance-ware from Japan

  1. If only this screen shot were animated — imagine the hilarity that might ensue!

    Are they about to burst into the macarena? Perhaps the electric slide?

    Japanese programmers obviously have too much awesome tech and too much time on their hands…

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