PnP TerrainCreator

The free PnP TerrainCreator looks interesting for rapid terrain mesh creation. Although despite the PnP (plug and play?) moniker, it seems like one of those applications only a developer could love. Even after looking at the manual I couldn’t work out even how to get it started, merely in order to see what the free version’s watermarked output (.obj and .3ds) looks like, and if it could be easily hidden with iClone ground-cover. In the end I had to download a sample terrain. Even then it refused to export because I was in the wrong mode and the cryptically-described correct mode was completely un-findable. It seems to be an intensely unintuitive application, but you might want to tinker with it if you’re desperately looking for a free landscape mesh generator. Another free alternative may be L3DT, which apparently allows “small meshes” to be exported for free.