The Wolf & Dulci Hour celebratory turtle

Yes, tomorrow marks one whole year of the Wolf & Dulci Hour weekly podcast radio shows! So, to celebrate, here’s a free Wolf & Dulci Hour One Year Anniversary Turtle (12Mb .zip file). Yes, a turtle. Because I seem to remember Wolf saying he wanted a low-poly turtle like the big sea-turtles in Finding Nemo.

Is it Disney, or is it iClone? It’s iClone, with a little help from Spore.

This is packed in a lit iClone project, and is from a fan-made Spore model via 3DXchange 4 Pro — so it’s rigged and can be animated! No complex legs, so just use iClone’s motion editor to flap those articulated flippers. The shell isn’t perfect, but you could probably fit another one over the top of it or retexture it. The pack includes textures and the original .fbx file. It weighs in at just 15,000 polys, so you can have a crowd of them in the scene. Thanks to Vegeta, whose Spore turtle I heavily modified and retextured in Creature Creator. Thanks to Felipe Skroski for a Creative Commons photo that formed part of the background and foreground layer. Please credit Spore if you use it in an iClone movie, and give Wolf & Dulcie a mention too.

Standard legal disclaimer, as required by Spore‘s publisher EA:—

This original Spore model, partly constructed by myself, is being offered for use as part of a personal noncommercial free project, for the noncommercial benefit of the fan community for EA’s products. “This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.”

Getting Roboid walking

Hurrah, I’m slowly figuring out how to (potentially) add motion to the Spore to iClone Roboid character. With the help of the manual I could figure out everything about edit motion / moving joints — except how to raise the feet, which seemed frozen to the ground. Then I learned how to set a joint to be a temporary “root”, and worked out which Roboid joint served as the leg root…

By doing this, the whole of the lower leg moves along with the foot. It’s very sensitive and can easily go awry. We really need fine Poser-style dial-control when editing movements.

New competition – iClone Fan Film Challenge

Got an idea for an iClone fan-film? Now that the new Doctor Who (an all-round success, apart from the new theme-tune) has got many of us feeling all fanboy-ish, it seems apt that Fanboy Theatre will be announcing details of their new Reallusion-partnered “iClone Fan Film Challenge” contest — starting Friday 9th April 2010…

“We want your fan film ideas and how the iClone 4 software could be used to make those ideas a reality. The winners of the contest will get a free license for the iClone Pro software. Interested? Check back this coming Friday for more details and official rules.”

I’m not sure if you have to actually make a film, or just have an idea about how to make a film using iClone? I guess we find out on Friday.

Talking of fanboys, the DVD of the feature-length indie comedy film Fanboys (2009) is out…