Epic mountain castle – freebie

I made an Epic Mountain Castle scene (40Mb, .zip file), as a lighting learning exercise. It’s packed as a new free iClone project file, props and lighting preset. It’s all 3D except for the backdrop photo, and is open to a host of camera-angles and close-ups — but despite the mass of 3D buildings the scene still weighs in at around 120,000 polys.

Models from Google 3D Warehouse: “Carcassonne Tower” by LordGood; “Castle under Construction” by LordGood; “Lordly Manor” by LordGood; “Medieval City” by LordGood; and “The Gatehouse at Stokesay Castle, England” by Tom. The Creative Commons background photo is by Al Hikes.

LordGood is a student and his excellent collection of nearly 100 models is well worth examining. He specialises in keeping the polys as low as possible. Several of his buildings are “walkthrough” meaning the interiors are designed like videogame levels. His medieval German street could be a useful set for a shot of the interior streets of the Epic Mountain Castle…

He’s also up for commissions, you can contact him via the Google Warehouse ratings comments…

“Wish I could get a JOB with Sketchup tools, that would be awesome. And people could tell me what to make, buildings… castles are obviously my speciality.”

My lighting preset of the Epic Mountain Castle is not very good — I had to set it to extreme sunset because you need to shadow the ground to hide the tiling effect on the ground plane. This factor made everything else very difficult to get right. Otherwise the moire effect on the ground is very noticeable, because the camera is zoomed so far out. If you want to take the time to put down grass and trees (keep in mind that it’ll take a while, as you’re zoomed far out) then the bare patches could be covered. Or you might be able to cook up a low ground-fog atmosphere preset that would work. No point lights can be effectively used with such a huge vista, unless you’re planning to fly a camera in to a particular building.

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  1. Wow… LOL, this is pretty cool! Thanks for the credit! And by the way… I’m from the USA, even though I know what a pub is. LOL ^^

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