Huge sci-fi freebies link-trove

Now that the big Reallusion Sci-fi Competition is officially on, here’s a compilation of all the sci-fi freebies links I’ve noted on the blog:

iClone Sci-Pack biped robot bone-rig.

Free WETA Raygun.

Get millions of free Spore creatures into iClone using 3DS Max.

Free Roboid robot character.

Blambot’s fab sci-fi style display fonts for quality movie-titles.

Free game footage: I suggested that the free open-source FreeSpace 2 and the playable demo of the indie/fan-project game Infinity could both be suitable hassle-free sources of videogame footage.

Mars in Google Earth, NASA photos archive, and the Hubble Space Observatory photos archive.

NASA 3D models.

Free steampunk steam-blimp.

Free sci-fi jumpgate model.

Free deep-space cryo-chamber and nurse-bot.

Mad tangles of sci-fi wires and tubes at the open source Elephant’s Dream models archive.

Technovelgy : an online encyclopaedia of 1,800+ SF concepts.

OpenGameArt’s sci-fi interiors pack, and all the free Miner Wars spaceship models.

Evil Force’s free particles and effects pack.

Old Time Radio sci-fi story broadcasts. Including stories by legendary sci-fi authors such as Ray Bradbury, Clifford D. Simak, Fritz Lieber, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, James Gunn, Robert Bloch, Robert Sheckley. Instant story, narration, pro voice-acting, music and sound FX! And all out of copyright! Torrent for the whole set of 126 shows.