How to crop a video with Adobe Premiere Elements 4

Here’s my really-simple guide to cropping a video, using the video-editing application Adobe Premiere Elements 4. This PC Windows mini tutorial is intended for film-makers who want to remove videogame HUD elements (such as statistics, your character’s hand/weapon, on-screen mini-maps, etc) from captured video, to leave only a clear view of the game-world. For example…

Cropping a video in Premiere Elements 4 involves a complex set of steps which seems likely to trip up machinima newbies when they first try it, and Adobe’s help files are as clear as mud on the topic. So here we go…

First, import a video and make sure you then load it onto the timeline.

“Zoom” only needs to be ticked if you want the cropped area to be re-sized to fit the original video’s dimensions. Depending on how small an area you crop, this could involve a drop in video quality.

Now save/render your cropped video to the hard-drive. Try to render at the very best quality, so as to keep the visual quality as high as possible. You may still see some unwanted colour-shifts. Here’s my cropped video from the tutorial, seen just finished playing in a video-player…

It will work best with games that have a first-person or “through the eyes” view. Or those that offer a cheat or mod that enables a free camera (freecam) or “spectator” view. A few games, such as Skyrim, sensibly enable you to take all the clutter off the screen for a completely clear view of the game-world. You can use video backgrounds in iClone.

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  4. My boyfriend is working on a for-fun video project with APE 8, and I just wanted to say that this was really helpful. We probably could have spent hours trying to figure it out on our own. Thanks!

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Knowing I can do this, will enhance my video project and has increased my confidence in the abilities of APE 10!

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