I just discovered that DAZ Carrara has a free online magazine, in flip-page format. Carrara is DAZ Studio’s big sister, a proper 3D application that can load all the DAZ and Poser content. Three issues of the magazine, so far…


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  1. Thanks for this info — I looked for the potential for toon-shading in Carrara by browsing the online issues, and discovered Digital Carver’s Guild.

    Unfortunately, the FBX in Carrara does not support animation, so one can’t render an iClone sequence there. I suppose if I were desperate enough to export every pose in an animation sequence as a separate OBJ file…. would I be able to toon a sequence in Carrara that way?

    P.S.: in other news, you may find my recent comments on music for animation somewhat interesting. And please keep doing what you’re doing — this is the best resource for iClone users anywhere!!

  2. Thanks for the tip on Digital Carver’s Guild. Looks useful.

    In terms of exporting DAZ figures to iClone (with animation as Perform) it seems that DAZ Studio Advanced 3 + the $99 .fbx export plugin, is the only way to go on Windows 7.

    However, if you have an Advanced serial, I’m told it works on the new DAZ Studio 4 beta – which for now includes .fbx export a standard.

  3. I want to go the other way, taking my iClone character into Carrara for tooning.

    An obj for each frame of the sequence, if that’s what it takes!

  4. Wouldn’t it be easier to pay a Poser/DAZ figure creator (there seem to be plenty of them out there) to add some morphs and beard and a new texture to the Michael 4 DAZ figure base – so as to make a new DAZ figure that looks exactly like your iClone Whitman? The animations are presumably on clips and the speaking is auto-lip-sync(?) so could be reproduced by being re-made in Carrara – with less work than exporting the hard way?

  5. But it strikes me that in the final analysis the animation sequences — as customizable mocaps — are the only unique part of iClone. If I believed animation were remotely as easy for me for in another package, I would be using one that does cel-shading right now. I suspect that exporting a long series of objs that capture a good animation would be preferable to my monkeying around elsewhere. (PS thanks for your kind edits on the comments.)

  6. Have you looked at the capabilities of the aniMate Plus plugin for DAZ Studio? It seems similar to iClone, in the way that it apparently mixes and matches and cuts animations together. Then the animations could presumably be ported to iClone, so as not to have to wait weeks for a render 🙂

    So, you think that the $40 Toon! Pro Cel shader for Carrara Pro is “the one”?

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