TeenBoy for iClone

A high-quality freebie, still lurking in the open on the forum, although a little old and forgotten now (Feb 2008). The G2 TeenBoy — which I’m told later became G2 “Slade” in the Natural Human pack and the boy in Campus Pack 2 — can be easily scaled to be more of a junior size, and also converted to be a girl…

“Are we past the Uncanny Valley yet, daddy?”

You just have to register with the Forum to download the character. There are a few bits of clothing on Backstage, for “C318 Teen Boy” which should fit. There’s also a C318_Teen Girl for 1000-points, although it’s almost identical to the boy except for a new face and less masculine hands. No clothing in the independent web stores, it seems. The free G2 Jack Clone Cloth (upper, lower, shoes/boots) fits, though — so it’s easy enough to make your own. The pack CloneCloth: Jack’s Upper with Neckband will also fit. Anything for Jack (or Jill’s lowers, as applying the uppers distorts the body mesh) from/for Clone Cloth for Essential Humans Vol. 1 should also fit.

[ Hat-tip: Marshi ]

Game Extractor

Added to the list of useful utilities, the free Game Extractor

“Game Extractor was built to allow users to work with [videogame asset] archives in the simplest manner possible. […] Game Extractor works just like any standard archive viewer. You have the ability to open archives of various types, add and remove files, and save your archives for use. […] Over 500 plugins for reading and writing 950+ game archives”

Basically, it sucks all the models and textures out of the game’s folders. If you want to remain royalty-free, just cross-reference the Game Extractor games list against this list of open source games.

Kane by Daniel van der Kolk

Some pleasingly sharp camerawork and consistent lighting on this new YouTube iClone video by Dmester (Daniel van der Kolk). Good titles too, and attempts at facial expressiveness. The dialogue is all in Dutch (or it could be German?), so I’ve no idea what’s going on or if the plot’s any good. There are a few problems — the bass in the sound-mix rips up headphones with distortion, for instance. But apart from a few flaws this is a polished production.