Rotator objects

Clones2Go has a set of object rotator objects on sale. No read-me or compatibility information, other than “iClone 4” on the flyer image. However, at 50 pence (about 80 cents?) — if they work and are simple to set up — they seem like a bargain.

For another 50p you can use Jimmy Toon for evil. Payment is through their merchant cart, which then goes via PayPal to, so you don’t have to pay VAT.

The Teaching Machine mark II, Disney-style

Can a rejuvenated Disney find the mass-market no-humans-needed solution to interactive e-learning for kids, after decades of research by academics and project-launches by governments have failed? Disney Research has a new open competition. The goal is to find…

“new and creative ways to use technology to make learning fun for children” [in the form of an] “engaging, computer-based learning application that will delight, inspire, and reveal key learning concepts for children ages 7-11.”

Deadline: 7th June 2010. Submission includes…

“a one-page abstract [i.e.: a summary in written text form], one representative image suitable for use in promotional materials, and up to six supplementary images and/or a maximum five-minute supplementary video.”

WoW Machinima Tool

How to create arty silhouette-film backdrops for iClone, using the World of Warcraft Machinima Tool, courtesy of the (new to me) World of Warcraft Machinima Tool blog

I seems that, theoretically, someone could make an entire Lotte Reiniger-style silhouette-film in WoW?

Unfortunately you need a $15 monthly subscription to the game to make the Machinima Tool work, and then probably a lot more expenditure of both time and money to protect your character and get around. You can’t just install the game from the DVDs, never go online, but still use the Tool and all the game assets to make movies. Which seems a pity. Maybe there could be a fighting-free “ghost mode” for those who just want to buy the disks and invisibly spectate?

Evolver speed-run

Botgirl Questi has kindly just posted a video speed-run through the whole process of using the online Evolver “make a character” website, to make a new character for iClone…

Click to play.

Apparently normal (no facial animation possible) avatars run to around $40, while those that can do facial animation are around $70. I guess that’s before sales tax? The differences between Evolver characters and standard iClone characters are explained in detail here.