Crow with animations

I just noticed 3D Bud has a new $14 animated and rigged low-poly crow for 3DS Max. I know several people were wanting the free Blender raven recently, so this might be the next best thing.

It comes in a 3DS Max (2009) .max version, and has animations. So it can (with a bit of luck) be pipelined into iClone via .fbx and 3DXchange 4 Pro, with animations intact.

Also other animals, including a $9 cat (the walk-cycle looks rather mechanical and heavy, but you could probably refine it in iClone’s Motion Editor), a snake, scorpion, butterfly, pig, rat, bat, dog, camel and alligator. The really cool animals (unicorn, tiger, Tyrannosaurus Rex) are at a more normal 3D model cost, at $29 each.

New Media Writing Prize

The Poole Literary Festival in the UK has an open New Media Writing Prize

“the UK’s first major prize for new media writing … Poole Literary Festival have partnered with The Media School at Bournemouth University to establish the Prize, which will allow writers working with New Media to showcase their skills, provoke discussion and raise awareness of new media writing and the future of the written word. The competition is now open for entries. The deadline for entries is noon [UK time] on 15th September 2010. Show us that new media can do things ‘old’ media can’t!”

[ Hat-tip: Andy Campbell ]


CrazyBump is a fairly easy-to-use application for taking a standard tiling 3D texture photo, and quickly make extra versions of it to slot into the special texture boxes in iClone. The idea is to make textures look more convincing. My output in three minutes, from my tiling bricks texture…

The textures it outputs slot in here in iClone…

However the naming conventions on the CrazyBump output files seem confusingly different from iClone. Here’s now they seem to translate into iClone usage…

CrazyBump “Diffuse / COLOR” = iClone “Diffuse”

CrazyBump “Specularity / SPEC” = iClone “Specular”

CrazyBump “Normal / NRM” = iClone “Bump”

CrazyBump “Displacement / DISP” = iClone (??)

CrazyBump “Occlusion / OCC” = iClone (??)

Anyway, there’s a 30-day trial. Video introduction to using CrazyBump…