Crow with animations

I just noticed 3D Bud has a new $14 animated and rigged low-poly crow for 3DS Max. I know several people were wanting the free Blender raven recently, so this might be the next best thing.

It comes in a 3DS Max (2009) .max version, and has animations. So it can (with a bit of luck) be pipelined into iClone via .fbx and 3DXchange 4 Pro, with animations intact.

Also other animals, including a $9 cat (the walk-cycle looks rather mechanical and heavy, but you could probably refine it in iClone’s Motion Editor), a snake, scorpion, butterfly, pig, rat, bat, dog, camel and alligator. The really cool animals (unicorn, tiger, Tyrannosaurus Rex) are at a more normal 3D model cost, at $29 each.