Team Fortress for iClone

All the Team Fortress characters, freely available in .max format, and ready to load up in 3DS Max…

I tested one of the characters, saved it from Max as an .fbx, and then successfully opened it with textures intact using 3Dxchange 4 Pro. Very low poly, and it even seemed to have a couple of animations embedded…

I’m not a fan of the game, so I didn’t take the conversion any further. But someone else might want to convert them all for iClone, and with correctly segmented and named Perform animations attached. The texture resolution could probably also be increased, and detail added.

Even if you don’t want the characters, there are some cool low-poly guns and accessories. For non-profit fan-movies only, of course.

One thought on “Team Fortress for iClone

  1. Just over 500 polys! That’s crazy low. Just the thing for a cartoony/action/slugfest.

    Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and direct by Michael Bay…?

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