Ryzom opens up

The French online RPG game Ryzom has just gone open-source, thanks to its new owners. The Free Software Foundation calls it…

“probably the single-biggest contribution to free software games yet […] the art — more than 13 gigabytes of data — can be adapted and used in other games […] Art files from the game, including both textures and 3-D models, have been released under CC-BY-SA 3.0.”

Looking at screenshots of the game, I’m not sure I’d use it as a machinima tool, but it certainly does seem to have some nice Morrowind-ish low-poly models (especially the buildings and structures) which could probably be converted for iClone. I’m not sure if the character models have animations or are in an accessible format. Anyway, there’s a full Ryzom assets torrent here (1.3Gb, expands to 13Gb).

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