All the Ryzom tiling textures, organised

I’ve gone through every folder in the 13Gb Ryzom torrent, ripping out all the useful plain (i.e.: “non model-specific”) tiling textures. I also pulled out some of the sky-dome textures, and some useful-looking alpha maps, and a handful of unusual/unique textures. Some very-near duplicates have been removed, but I still ended up with a pack of over 860 professional game textures in less than 100Mb. The textures were dropped into a new set of logically-named and descriptive folders, for ease of use with drag-and-drop texturing of iClone models. The set is particularly strong on natural environments and organics. Many thanks to the Ryzom team, which has just open-sourced the game under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence. Credits, details of usage and links are all in the readme.txt

Download here (90Mb .7z zip file)

Next, a selection of the static models! 🙂

2 thoughts on “All the Ryzom tiling textures, organised

  1. Thanks for this, Borrowind. You have saved many a time starved animator and machinima producer a heckuva lotta time! Thank you very much.

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