Desert town for iClone

A freebie fantasy desert town, converted for iClone from the Ryzom torrent. It’s an iProp. My re-texturing wasn’t perfect, since I started off using the wrong folder. But I’ve included a pack of relevant textures from the Ryzom torrent. There are also some transparency issues when looking at the outer walls from outside the boundary, but you should be able to work around that. It’s a small town, and yet it weighs in at just 19,000 faces! Amazing. Many thanks to the pro modellers of the Ryzom team.

Download here (16Mb, .zip file). Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike.

A small selection of Ryzom models, for iClone

A small selection of the static models from the May 2010 open source release of the game Ryzom. Converted by me for use in iClone 4. All are extremely low-poly. Hopefully these may come in handy for the sci-fi competition. The spaceship is particularly good.

The rest of them — the many other buildings, cities, clutter, the character models, and character accessories etc — will have to wait until there’s a Max script that repairs all the broken texture links. Thanks to the Ryzom team. Distributed as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

Download here (8Mb, .zip file)

Original concept art for the Sky Barge, so you can see how it should look…