One more Ryzom freebie

I’ve re-textured one final model from the Ryzom torrent, as an incentive to others to dig out even more. It’s a complete floating village / port for iClone, in just 33,000 faces. Many thanks to the amazing low-poly model makers of the Ryzom team. It’s packed as an iProp, and also as a basic ready-lit and flooded Project file. There was no way to remove the windmills so that they could rotate when animated.

Download here (26Mb, .zip file). Creative Commons, Attribution ShareAlike.

I’m thinking that, while someone might not want to make a MMO with Ryzom’s assets, it would be perfectly possible to create a simple Myst-like point-&-click game using iClone and Wintermute.

6 thoughts on “One more Ryzom freebie

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  6. I’m working on a clone of Temple Run, these will be perfect assets for me. Checkout my games at

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