International “Living City Design Competition” – $125,000 in prizes

Can you visualise a sustainable and thriving eco-city? The Living Building Challenge 2.0

“requires participants to select an existing city anywhere in the world and conceptually transform it through photo-realistic three-dimensional modelling and renderings. […] Successful entries will capture the attention and imagination of a broad audience, while offering technical information capable of standing up to expert scrutiny. […] Successful competition entries will be grounded in science. […] All entries must weave plans for new construction into strategies for rehabilitating and retrofitting existing buildings and infrastructure.”

Ouch, “photo-realistic” isn’t the only kicker. You could get around that with the excellent DAZ Carrara perhaps. But there’s also a financial kicker, one that basically limits it to experts and architects…

“Entry fees range from $500 from professional firms to $100 for students and those who are unemployed.”

Hmmm, the phrase… “experts built the Titanic, amateurs built Noah’s Ark” suddenly springs to mind. Still, it’s a nice idea for a competition. Changed a little, and opened up to all render-engines and to animations, and with a drastically lowered price-tag, it could make a nice regional/city-based competition.

Harbour patrol

A “harbour patrol” model for the recent free Ryzom conversion floating port project. 22,000 faces. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

What have they got to patrol against? Why, Ryzom’s fearsome ClapClaps, of course…

Animated GIF video. Press “Esc” to stop playing.

They’re iClone-converted Ryzom creatures, which can be motion-edited in iClone and which have one looping “swim” animation as a Perform function. Two varieties, male and female.

Download harbour patrol / ClapClaps here (9Mb, .zip file)

Steamy bathroom fun

I found a Ryzom interior that would open up without going “blank” due to broken dependencies on other models. This is the “Bathhouse”/”Steambaths” interior from the May 2010 open source release of the game Ryzom, converted for use in iClone 4. Very low-poly, at just 8,500 for the whole interior. Done as an iClone Project file. The pack includes the texture folder, if you want to retexture. Many thanks to the Ryzom team. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

Download here (14Mb, .zip file)

I’ve added two additional “light cones” to the light coming in from the bath skylight, and these use the same professional texture and opacity map used by the original light-shaft. One of these cones is hard-edged (see above, left), the other more soft-edged (see above, right). You may want to save out these two “shafts of light” cones to your props folder, for future use.

Three bigroots

Three fantasy “giant mossy roots” static models from Ryzom, converted for use in iClone 4. Very low-poly, so with a little rotation and duplication you should get a Fangorn Forest in no time. With an additional pack of seasonal texture-folders for each root, for retexturing. Many thanks to the Ryzom team. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

Download here (800kb, .zip file)

Seasonal textures folders for each bigroot (6Mb, .zip file)

I also looked at most of the trees, but unfortunately they have transparency / blending / fringing issues and other problems.