Harbour patrol

A “harbour patrol” model for the recent free Ryzom conversion floating port project. 22,000 faces. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

What have they got to patrol against? Why, Ryzom’s fearsome ClapClaps, of course…

Animated GIF video. Press “Esc” to stop playing.

They’re iClone-converted Ryzom creatures, which can be motion-edited in iClone and which have one looping “swim” animation as a Perform function. Two varieties, male and female.

Download harbour patrol / ClapClaps here (9Mb, .zip file)

2 thoughts on “Harbour patrol

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  2. Hey! Good to see the Turtle (revolutionary war submarine) getting some possible steampunk usage. Three guys were arrested in 2007 in New York harbor, for trying to sail a replica of this submarine (unlicensed) too close to a cruise ship. A good fit for the harbor (the Ryzom digital one, not the NY one… hehe).

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