International “Living City Design Competition” – $125,000 in prizes

Can you visualise a sustainable and thriving eco-city? The Living Building Challenge 2.0

“requires participants to select an existing city anywhere in the world and conceptually transform it through photo-realistic three-dimensional modelling and renderings. […] Successful entries will capture the attention and imagination of a broad audience, while offering technical information capable of standing up to expert scrutiny. […] Successful competition entries will be grounded in science. […] All entries must weave plans for new construction into strategies for rehabilitating and retrofitting existing buildings and infrastructure.”

Ouch, “photo-realistic” isn’t the only kicker. You could get around that with the excellent DAZ Carrara perhaps. But there’s also a financial kicker, one that basically limits it to experts and architects…

“Entry fees range from $500 from professional firms to $100 for students and those who are unemployed.”

Hmmm, the phrase… “experts built the Titanic, amateurs built Noah’s Ark” suddenly springs to mind. Still, it’s a nice idea for a competition. Changed a little, and opened up to all render-engines and to animations, and with a drastically lowered price-tag, it could make a nice regional/city-based competition.