Steamy bathroom fun

I found a Ryzom interior that would open up without going “blank” due to broken dependencies on other models. This is the “Bathhouse”/”Steambaths” interior from the May 2010 open source release of the game Ryzom, converted for use in iClone 4. Very low-poly, at just 8,500 for the whole interior. Done as an iClone Project file. The pack includes the texture folder, if you want to retexture. Many thanks to the Ryzom team. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

Download here (14Mb, .zip file)

I’ve added two additional “light cones” to the light coming in from the bath skylight, and these use the same professional texture and opacity map used by the original light-shaft. One of these cones is hard-edged (see above, left), the other more soft-edged (see above, right). You may want to save out these two “shafts of light” cones to your props folder, for future use.

4 thoughts on “Steamy bathroom fun

  1. Hi, no. I just dragged in two Primitives from iClone’s standard range, applied the same diffuse and opacity materials as the original model’s existing skylight-light had. Then pushed and pulled them, and worked the strength sliders etc.

  2. “Impressive that the entire complex comes in at under 9K polys!”

    That’s what you get when you spend millions on making a game 🙂

    • The more examples of this resource I see, the more I’m blown away by the fact that they were released into the world! Your generous work has started some steampunk-ish fantasy story ideas tumbling amongst the widely spaced braincells upstairs…

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