mag – new issue on lighting

The free magazine, issue #27 (May 2010), is out today…

The “Shadow Showdown” issue explores lighting and creation of shadows, with a nice variety of tutorials and articles on various lighting tools and techniques.

Full contents:

* Fun with Shadows
* I finally get it! Ambient Occlusion
* Mesh Lights
* Studio Pack Shot tutorial
* Robbie the Robot modelling tutorial
* Using Textured Light to spice up a scene
* Lighting ‘The Vault’
* Lighting Troubleshooting Tips

Download with .blend files or read online at Issuu.

Introduction to Blender’s Compositor

Just out for the free open-source Blender, a free 22-minute video-tutorial Introduction to the Compositor

During the video you will learn:

* How to make a night time scene
* The answers to three common beginner questions
* The fundamentals of compositing
* Why compositing is similar to food production (no really!)
* How to add eye-popping glow and glare effects
* How to add a background-image quickly and easily, without re-rendering

Ryzom harbour at night – final Photoshopped version

My iClone scene of Ryzom’s floating harbour at night, now “post Photoshop” and with some repositioned models…

Click the picture for a larger version.

The straight iClone render looked like this…

The additional lamp-lights and light-shaft could have been added in iClone using glow-mapped spheres and cones, but Photoshop was just much quicker for a still image.

Grant culture

Some guys based just down the road from me have a fascinating and detailed article on the latest edition of Gamasutra. It goes into great detail about how establish and tweak the depiction of an urban environment, so as to establish a consistent mood. And, of course, it also has relevance for real-time movie-makers.

A Dead to Rights (Xbox360, PS3) Grant City scene, from painted artwork (top) to playable game scene (bottom)…

“…we found that getting a given level or room lit as early as possible was really important, preferably before the textures were applied. A useful technique was to “wash” the scene with a base texture in the correct palette and use that as the basis of the lighting. Detail could be applied later, once the light and shadow were established.”

This would make in interesting button to see in iClone 5: “toggle all textures to neutral for lighting setup”.