iClone 4 will get stereo-3D with the next patch

It’s official — just posted on the forums…

“You will be pleased to know that the upcoming 4.2 upgrade [to iClone 4] will be bringing 3D Stereo Vision to iClone”

While you’re waiting, slap on the red-blue glasses for this vintage s-3D Jack Kirby comic-book from 1953, with excellent stereo-separations…

… and knowing Kirby’s virtuosity, I’d almost suspect that he drew it while wearing the special glasses 🙂

MakeHuman 1.0 alpha 5

The progress of MakeHuman is racing along, aiming to ultimately provide a simple-to-use free 3D character-generation module for Blender. A week or so ago MakeHuman 1.0 alpha 5 was released. When I last mentioned MakeHuman here, it was in version 1.0 alpha 4. This new version adds, among other things…

* Export a full character from MakeHuman to Blender, using the .mhx format, with armature and expression support.
* Export a full character in Collada .dae format (experimental)

“Hair preview in 3D”, too.

Free magazine, CG Chosen

I’ve added a magazine to the sidebar list, CG Chosen (scroll down to bottom of page to access the issues). It’s one of those partly-free magazines, with a “lite” version. However the “lite” version I tried out (Robots issue) was very meaty, at 67 pages. The rest of the issues are downloaded and on my to-read list. Unfortunately the magazine seems to have run its course, with the last available issue being February 2008. But the website is a good substitute, and it mostly seems to successfully sidestep the “shiny red cars and aeroplanes” brigade.

Carrara 8 out today

Those who had the Carrara 6 Pro freebie recently may be interested that Carrara 8 and Carrara 8 Pro are both released today. Still with all the rendering speed of an arthritic donkey, or so I’m told — but now it’s a 64-bit arthritic donkey. Also: better FBX export; new plant customisation options; better range of lighting tools; DAZ Studio’s Puppeteer is now built-in; more control over your personal render farm (yeah, I’m sure we all have one of those out in the shed…)