3Dmag #2

The French finally have their own printed newstand magazine for 3D creatives, 3Dmag. It’s apparently the first ever such French magazine — which, from a British perspective, seems bizarre. What took them so long? Anyway, issue two hit the shops yesterday, at a reasonable 7.90 Euros. The covers look very similar to the UK’s 3D World, so I suspect there might be some overlap of content (just translated into French)?

The disc freebies are different, though. 3Dmag is perhaps a magazine worth keeping an eye on for the cover-disc freebies, even if you can’t read French. For instance, the Poser/DAZ Millennium Dragon was given away with the first issue. I’d assume that’ll be the $50 Millennium Dragon 2.0, although it may have been the LE or old 1.0 version. I’m not sure what the big give-away is in issue 2, since there’s no large cover image online yet.