$30,000 CG Time Travel Guide competition

Possibly a nice little side-shoot for those working on their iClone sci-fi entry… a $30,000 competition to make “A Time Traveller’s Guide for Dummies“.

“[ Imagine that ] For more than a decade, time travelling has been allowed for everyone [ … now ] produce a little guide for travellers to warn them about annoyances and how to avoid problems. You’re asked to choose one of these categories (2D pictures, 3D pictures, comics or video). […] At the end of the competition, a PDF version of the fake Guide including the best submissions will be published.”

Deadline: 2nd July 2010. Full rules on the website (which desperately needs a complete web design and typography overhaul, btw).

Desert city

Lord Good, the excellent medieval city and castle modeller, has released his 100th free model. And it’s a whopper. A complete Assassin’s Creed-style desert city

“This is supposed to be Mesopotamian, but I did not know or want to make a ziggurat, so I made a huge fort at one end of the city”

The only problem is, it’s 1.5 million polys. Excluding backfaces in 3DXchange takes it down to 760,000. So those who know SketchUp may want to take this into SketchUp first, rather than 3DXchange, and reduce the poly-count in various ways. You might get lucky and find a way to take it down below 130,000.

Sculptris 1.0

Sculptris is the new free clay-like modelling software which is getting an excellent reception, and it’s now in version 1.0. Still free, still no need to register! You model naturally with very simple traditional clay-sculpting tools, paint the model using easy-to-understand brushes, then export to .obj format for bringing into iClone. It’s very lightweight in using system resources, and anyone who liked the free CB Model Pro or Organica should be trying this one out. Many thanks to Dr. Tomas Pettersson in Sweden for this great little-big tool.

If you need to reduce the poly count on the .obj, there’s a new version of the free MeshLab out. Usage tutorial here.